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Hotec Wireless Headset Mic
  • Hotec Wireless Headset Mic
  • Hotec Wireless Headset Mic
  • Hotec Wireless Headset Mic
  • Hotec Wireless Headset Mic
  • Hotec Wireless Headset Mic

Hotec Wireless Headset Mic

Item No.: H-U05
Hotec UHF Wireless Headset Microphone/Lavalier Lapel Mic with Bodypack Transmitter and Mini Rechargeable Receiver 1/4" Output, For Live Performances, Support Phone
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  • CLEAR SOUND QUALITY: High quality sound transmission, clear voice and without feedback, free from distortion. This lavalier wireless microphone is designed for vocal use in live performance, sound reinforcement.
  • EASY SET UP: Plug and play, easy to use. Both the transmitter and receiver are powered by rechargeable batteries. Plug the headset microphone or the lapel microphone into the microphone socket of the bodytransmitter, turn on the mini receiver and the bodypack transmitter, you are ready to go. The lapel mic or the headset mic allows for hands free, you can hold the presentation materials with your hands. Mic volume can be changed from the transmitter at ease.
  • SELECTABLE FREQUENCIES: The system has 25 selectable UHF frequencies, less prone to electric appliance interference and offers stable signal transmission. Operating range can be up to 100 feet line of sight. Each wireless microphone unit has been set a unique ID code that allows the multiple use of wireless microphone at the same time without worrying about cross connecting issue.
  • FULL COMPATIBILITY: This portable receiver in this Hotec wireless headset / lavalier microphone system has 6.35mm (1/4") output, you can connect it to any of your sound system like PA, mixers, speakers, amplifiers and karaoke machines with 6.35mm (1/4") mic input (not line in or aux in). It also supports audio recording from iPhone/Andriod smartphones, tablets and laptops using the appropriate adapters.
  • MULTI-USE APPLICATIONS: Ideal for live performances like church, weddings, presentations, school plays, trainings, public speakings, interviews or audio recording      Hotec

    Hotec H-U05 UHF Wireless Headset/Lapel Microphone

    This Hotec Wireless Headset/Lapel Microphone comes with a portable receiver, a Bodypack transmitter, a headset microphone and a lapel microphone. It is perfect for students, people starting out on YouTube, or other live events.

    Wide Compatibility

    This Hotec professional UHF Wireless Headset/Lapel Microphone System provides clear and warm vocal sound. This wireless microphone system works with any PA, loud speaker, mixer, amplifier or karaoke machine that has mic input and mic volume control. Use a 3.5mm to ¼” adapter if it is a 3.5mm mic input.

    You can also use this wireless microphone system to make audio recording, interview with iPhone/Android smartphones, tablets, PC or laptops using the adapter and headphone splitters included in the box.


    1. The lightning to 3.5mm adapter is needed (NOT included) if you would like to use it on iPhone 7 or above.

    2. This is not designed with built-in speaker. You will need an external audio device for sound output.

    3. In order to avoid feedback, please turn down the external audio device before you plug in the mini receiver and then increase the volume slowly.

    Supports Multiple Sets Working Together

    The working frequency is from 902 to 928MHz and complies with the new FCC regulations for wireless microphone. This UHF technology also allows you to use several sets together without interfere with each other, great for interviews or small groups.

    Spend a few minutes to select the most appropriate frequency before using this system.

    Microphone Volume Control

    The LCD display in the Bodypack transmitter shows you the frequency, microphone volume as well as the battery level. Change the microphone volume and frequency from the Bodypack transmitter is easy. Both the Bodypack transmitter and the portable mini receiver are powered by rechargeable batteries.

    The content you will get in the box:

    Portable Mini Receiver x 1

    Bodypack Transmitter x 1

    Headset Microphone x 1

    Lavalier Microphone x 1

    USB charging cable x 1 (dual micro USB)

    3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter x 1

    Headphone splitter x 1

    User manual x 1

    Hotec wireless headset microphone
    Wireless lapel mic
    Hotec wireless microphone 1
    Wireless headset microphone for training and class
      Wireless lavalier microphone H-U25 K25 H-U06 H-U26 H-W06
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    Model No. H-U05 H-U25 H-K25 H-U06S H-U26 H-W06B
    Microphone type Condenser microphone Condenser microphone Condenser microphone Dynamic microphone Dynami microphone Dynami microphone
    Wired or wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wired, with 19 feet cable
    Support multiple units work together
    Volume control source From your audio device or the Bodypack transmitter From your audio device or the Bodypack transmitter From your audio device or the Receiver or the Bodypack Transmitter From your audio device From your audio device From your audio device